First Lego League Explore Project

27. 6. 2022

We have joined the international First Lego League Explore project, which teaches technical and social skills to children aged 6 to 10 in a playful way. Teams of 6 children build Lego and robotic Lego model/s based on a chosen theme. They learn values, discuss, gather information on the topic, participate in the construction together and present the result to a jury. This year's event was called Cargo Connect.

The T. G. Masaryk Primary School in Opava approached us with a request for cooperation. And we are very happy for it. We organised a field trip for the pupils to our Logistics Centre TQM, explaining to them how we work - in logistics and in transport. The children then transferred this experience into a Lego model. We were then able to see with our own eyes at the presentation how they were able to connect the knowledge they had gained and how they tackled the challenge.

The whole model is dominated by the Logistics Centre, complete with technology: an automatic stacker, a "lizard" - a small forklift and a sorting line. Packaging material is stored here and solar panels are placed on the roof.

The model also features a can factory, a fishery, housing and almost all types of vehicles. During the construction, the children identified different situations - from production, logistics, everyday life - and assigned the use of different means of transport to solve these situations.

The model also includes ecological elements and technologies that mitigate the negative impact of transport on the environment.

Six pupils from Opava won two prizes in the competition, one for their elaboration and one for their presentation.



Short video – TV Polar