The Integrated Transport System of the Zlín Region introduces time fares from 1st July 2022

22. 6. 2022

From the start of the holiday season, it will no longer be necessary to buy an individual ticket each time you board the vehicle. Passengers can subscribe to their usual route for 30 or 7 days and travel on it without any restrictions.

Instructional video


The Zlín region is divided into 98 zones, each zone includes specific stops. The passenger purchases a prepaid ticket to list the specific zones his/her route passes through. At the border of some zones there are border stops falling into several zones at the same time - to travel to these stops it is sufficient to have a ticket for only one of the zones to which the stop belongs. If you regularly travel through more than 9 zones, you will automatically receive a network-wide IDZK ticket for the entire Zlín Region.


Take a look at the brief manual 

Map of zones by stops
Here you can find the stops you regularly travel between. You will see which zones your journey passes through.


Zone map by the municipality
A simplified map that shows the municipalities and their assignment to zones.

Index of municipalities and their zoning
Here you will find an alphabetical list of municipalities with the number of the zone they belong to.


In order to buy a ticket, you need a Zetka or ODISka card. You can then upload your subscription ticket to this card. The price of each zone is shown in the table on the map. With a non-transferable Zetka card with a photo, you will pay a better price for the subscription ticket and if you are entitled to a discounted fare (e.g. as a student, senior citizen, etc.), the discount is calculated automatically. Fares are more expensive on a portable card.