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We transport parcels and pallets, standard and oversize, to individuals and companies. We have our own warehouse for FOFR.


DAILY delivery of groupage and parcel shipments

Our own FOFR

in Opava

Possibility of contactless

with the driver and at the dispatch centre


of transport is determined according to the volume or weight of the delivery

We are experienced in transporting agricultural machinery parts, bulky tyres, building materials, industrial products, various types of furniture, garden equipment, as well as live trees. We take care of everything you need to transport your delivery. We will pick up the packed goods from you and deliver them to their final recipient in one day.


FOFR is a Czech shipping company specialising in groupage shipping and parcel deliveries from house to house. Thanks to the nationwide coverage of the system, we guarantee a flexible response and high-quality service in any location in the Czech Republic. At TQM - holding s.r.o., we provide services for FOFR in the vicinity of Opava, Jeseník, Bílovec, Bruntál and Hlučín.

Our expertise

Transporting parcels and pallets within 24 hours

Transporting oversized loads up to a maximum length of 6 m

Service is available for individuals and companies

Electronic or personal ordering

Delivery every working day

Online tracking/delivery control

Pick-up of packed goods at the customer’s premises

Creating registered accounts for tracking deliveries

Do you need to make an individual shipment or deliver a parcel?

You can order individual shipments or parcel deliveries electronically using the NetSpedice portal, or in person at FOFR Opava.



When ordering, we will ask you for the following information:

Address and telephone number of sender and recipient

Date of loading

Weight and dimensions of the shipment (length, width, and height)

Specification of the shipment (what will be transported)

If you are thinking of changing your current carrier or looking for someone who can transport oversized or non-standard shipments, please do not hesitate to get in touch and contact FOFR Opava dispatching. Together we will talk not only about collections and deliveries, accompanying services and references, but especially about the price.

FOFR Opava

dispatch, transhipment and warehousing


Těšínská 1028/37

746 01  Opava


+420 553 609 218

+420 606 762 851

+420 606 762 957

Opening hours


7.00 - 17.00 h

Electronic order

You can order groupage shipping or parcel deliveries via the NetSpedice portal.




A nationwide system for the door-to-door delivery of parcel and package deliveries.

Transportation of parcels, pallets, and oversized loads for individuals and companies.


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